Who are the Habematolel Pomos?

The word “Habematolel” comes from the ancient Pomo language, originally spelled xabe ma tolel: Xabe=:rock”, ma=people/person. The term is meant to represent “The People of Rock Village.”

Since before recorded history, ancestral Pomo people have occupied parts of central and Northern California, known as “Pomo Country.” The Pomos, along with the Patwin and Wintun, were made up of numerous small bands or villages spread throughout the area North of the Sacramento River Delta and between the Russian River and the California River Valleys, as well as along the Pacific Coast. In large part, their well being depended upon the fruits of these waterways.

The Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake have upheld this tradition of connection with the land, as well as the people who occupy it. We take pride in our active participation in the community, providing neighborly help and assistance to residents of Lake County both tribal and non-tribal. It is our belief that being good citizens means lending a helping hand to those who need it.

Our greatest goal is to provide our children with a set of values to guide them well into the future. The values of charity, citizenship, and compassion carry substantial weight in our hearts and chart a course for the Habematolel Pomo for years to come.

“None of us can exist without the support and care of others, and keeping this in balance has been a primary goal of our people and our Tribe.”

— Sherry Treppa, Chairperson


For more information and a timeline please download the Tribal Brochure which is available in PDF format and can be opened with the free Adobe Reader. If you don’t already have the free Adobe Reader you can downloand it at the Adobe website at no cost by clicking this link.

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