One of Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake’s highest priorities is to apply our resources towards helping our members grow and thrive. By offering support to one another, we strengthen the bonds that define us as a people and will carry us into a brighter future. Our community has faced considerable obstacles, but nothing is out of reach when we stand ready to assist one another.

It’s an unfortunate fact that quality education has been considered a distant possibility for many Native Americans, simply due to lack of economic access. To do our part to help alleviate this problem, Upper Lake Pomo’s Seven Generations Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance to tribe members, young and old, for all levels of schooling. When it comes to seeing our brothers and sisters live up to their potential, we are more than happy to provide a helping hand.

Supporting our citizens as they work towards their educational goals is one of the most vital services we can offer. It’s a fact that attending higher education vastly improves earnings potential and overall quality of life. It’s also a sadly true that Native Americans make up a disproportionately low percentage of college graduates. Many students are unable to complete their studies due to lack of funding, an unacceptable state of affairs. This fund is our contribution towards correcting this negative circumstance, which in turn improves the state of being for the entire tribe.

The Seven Generations Fund offers financial help to students of all ages and experience levels. Students or parents can apply for help with pre-k, elementary, high school, college, GED, and vocational tuition. In addition, funds for extracurricular activities as well as electronic devices are available so that students don’t miss out on vital aspects of the educational experience outside of the classroom. Whether a promising young learner, or an adult looking to bolster their employment potential, we consider all tribe members to be worthy of help in setting out on their path.

The foundational promise of the Upper Lake Pomo is to encourage and protect the interests of our membership so that they can attain their full potential. Our scholarship fund, along with our in-house educational programs [link to early childhood education post], is emblematic of our vigorous approach to fulfilling that promise. When our tribal members are able to draw on their strong roots, there’s no limit to the heights they can reach.